To The Point With Facebook Ads Relevancy

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As an incentive for advertisers on Facebook to improve the quality of their ads, Facebook has recently exposed ‘Relevance Scores’. These newly exposed scores are an estimate of the ad’s targeted affiliation with its intended audience. Facebook is hoping that the exposure of the scores will produce ads that are more interesting to audiences, perform better for ad users and generate more revenue (for Facebook).

But in an industry that generates more questions than answers, are these scores making things easier or harder for ad users, or is it just one more thing you have to try and adhere to? In an effort to simplify things, I’ve created a cheat sheet that will give you the knowledge to make the most of out of self-managing your ads.
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Goal Setting Tips

Setting Goals

I’ll start by asking one simple question.  What do you want to get out of your AdWords campaign?  If you answered “more leads” or “more sales” then read on.

Yes we all want more leads and more sales, more revenue, more traffic, more of everything. You’re running a business here and you want to grow and you want to be able to pay your employees and yourself. You want to be successful.

You know that, your client manager knows that – we all want the same thing for you.

However, what your client manager needs to know is what you actually want to get from the AdWords campaign.

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How Much Do I need to put into AdWords?

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The answer to the above is really quite simple:

Results = time/money

First we need to set up the time frame you’re looking to achieve your results in and what is realistic.

There is one simple concept to understand when it comes to time frame, and that there is only ever at one point a finite number of people searching for one thing. Jennifer Lawrence was the most googled person last year, but I am sure there are people who have never looked her up online.

This applies to your business; there is and will be only a number of people who are looking for you. That number may be quite large, but it is still an overall restriction.

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How To Foster Positive Reviews

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At some stage or another, for any Australian SME, the daunting idea of a client/customer leaving a review on a social media website can be stressful, to say the least. Business owners obviously set out and start up a business with one goal in mind: to succeed. In order to succeed, they need to provide a seamless and perfectly executed client/customer experience. This includes all manner of business processes; human resources and recruitment, products and/or services tailored to meet their client/customer needs, after-care service systems, and the list goes on and on. And as with any business, if you employ staff to represent your business, whether that is to carry out a service or to sell a product, they are one of the many faces of your brand. Now we all know that we are not without fault and nobody is perfect, so a certain degree of human error needs to be taken into account. But what if this turns a current or potential client/customer away from your business? What if that then leads to an online review, for the entire world to see?

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Why SEO is Not Dead

Every time Google announces another update to their search algorithm, blogs around the world come alive with articles about how SEO is dead. However, these claims have been appearing for as long as SEO has been a thing. It’s a big claim to make, and so far, it is an assumption that has been incorrect every time it has been made. SEO isn’t dead, it’s not even dying. SEO is alive and healthier than it has ever been.


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