How To Attract Eyeballs, Action and Revenue

Guest blog by Peter Gjersoe

Trust is the new economy

On 15 January 2016 Wall-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, announced its plans to close an initial 269 stores as it struggles against internet based competitors.

Borders, Blockbuster and Kodak, were household names now gone because they were unable to adapt technology to give us an easier, cheaper buying experience.

We used to shop locally and trust advertisements from newspapers, yellow pages and billboards. Now a global avalanche of businesses willingly supplies us 24/7 as a result of a few clicks on our omnipresent smartphones has changed all that. This is only the beginning. Today, more than 50% of the world’s population is below the age of 30, and you can guarantee they are not going to slow things down.

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How to Attract More Ideal Clients in A Few Simple Steps

Written by guest blogger Peter Gjersoe

I recently received a worksheet to help identify an ‘Ideal Client’. The ‘worksheet’ runs 28 pages… 28 PAGES!

My task today is to give you better directions, in less than 450 words.

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Are You An Adult Day Care Manager?

Written by guest blogger Peter Gjersoe

This is for you if you are a founder, and feel that the title of “Manager of an ‘Adult day care center’” best describes your function.

You thought you had employed adults who would leave you alone and get on with their tasks unless they have a problem.

And you know, you just know that if only you had the time, you could do everything so much better and faster yourself.

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