Why You Should Be Following These 5 Australian Digital Startups!

Digital Disruptors that are changing Australia’s future

‘Digital Disruption’ seemed to be the buzz phrase of 2016 – and for good reason. With the rapid succession of advancements in the world of digital and artificial intelligence, there’s never been a more opportune time to follow your passions as a startup company or budding entrepreneur! And with tech collaboration hubs such as River City Labs offering supportive and inspiring spaces for startups to develop their dreams, the Australian landscape of digital disruptors is growing all the time. Read More

2017 Technology Predictions for AI, Online Security and VR!

With new advancements coming through thick and fast, it’s easy to see that Google are moving towards the future at an astonishing rate.

Just this year we’ve seen Google create their first ‘Tango’ enabled phone Lenovo Phab 2 Pro (which can even help you see what a piece of furniture would look like in your home through 3D real-life viewing), as well as introducing their one-to-one video calling app (Google Duo), along with new AdWords attribution reports that make conversion tracking easier than ever.

So when it comes to 2017 technology predictions, what kinds of other developments might we see for advertisers in the New Year? Read More

Top Six Tips for keeping your Google Accounts Secure

Stay smart and safe online

Safety online is paramount for all of us that use the internet. We hear of the horror stories of account hacking and identity theft ripping across the internet by the truck load. So it really is important that we are diligent about keeping our accounts secure.

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Why SMBs Should Embrace the Cloud

Your New Secret Weapon

Today, more and more Australian businesses are relying on the cloud to help their business run more effectively, efficiently and securely. But for some, the cloud still reminds a mystery.

Simply put, the cloud utilises the Internet to access virtual machines and digital files. Through cloud computing, the digital content can be accessed over the Internet from any device at anytime with an Internet connection. Cloud computing has also progressed to offer full servers and applications online that were previously tied to a workstation or a local server.

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