Tagging Your PPC Campaigns for Success

You can’t measure success without tracking. 

When it comes to online marketing ‘tags’ are something we have all probably heard of before, but what are they exactly? In the online world tags can refer to any number of things, from pieces of code used to track certain events to parameters tracked on to the end of a URL to tell the destination page information about that visitor. We encounter them countless times when we go online, capturing information about how we got to our favourite e-merchant store to how long we spent completing our online banking. They peer into every facet of our online experience, reporting back to any number of tracking systems in order to determine whatever information someone gleans valuable or informative.

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The Importance of Landing Pages

What is the importance of landing pages? Great question, however the real question is… Why should landing pages be important to you?

Landing pages are a snapshot of your business, your products, and in some cases your only chance at enticing the consumer to hang around.

Picture this; you’ve walked into a restaurant, the waiter is scruffy, all over the place, the establishment is old, drab and cluttered. Do you hang around to look at the menu? Do you look past this and persevere? Or do you leave?

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The Platform You Need to Create the Perfect Landing Page

Webinar Landing Page eDM Header

When it comes to converting credible leads, as savvy business owners you all know that an efficiently managed Pay-per-Click marketing campaign is the best way to capture high-intent customers. But this is not enough. You might have the cleverest Google AdWords ads ever, but if these are not coupled with optimised landing pages, then all your hard work has been for nought.

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The Art & Science Behind the Perfect Landing Page

Blog image 06.11.15 - Nov. Optimise Webinar

Why do we do what we do online? What makes us click on something, press the back button, continue to scroll or swipe right? Our online search behaviour is shaped by more than what we are searching for. The way in which information and content is displayed to us also shapes why we do, and don’t, click on any element online. Even the environment in which we are engaging with content online can shape our actions. So as a business owner, having a high converting and optimised landing page is crucial for all of the directed traffic you are directing to these pages. Enabling and utilising the science behind our online behaviours to develop the perfect landing page is where you need to start.

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Google Acronym Glossary

Have you ever sat down to watch a game of football without knowing any of the rules? Maybe played a hand at poker without knowing if your cards are any good? Watched the sequel without having seen the original movie?

You get lost, don’t you? It’s tough going when you’re not sure what you’re watching, or what you should be doing next.

Welcome to AdWords – where the rules are even more complicated than that game of football. The cards are played closer to your opponent’s chest, and just think of all that character development you missed.

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