Sales Etiquette To Increase Conversions

Does your phone constantly ring with enquiries about your products or services yet you struggle to receive purchases? Are you working in an industry that relies heavily on sales but aren’t seeing valuable conversions? It might be time to create a simple rule book to refer to for sales etiquette tips and tricks that can help you on your way to being a better salesperson and boosting your revenue or commission. The skills and ideas we’ve gathered below are relevant to all forms of sales include face to face as well as telesales.

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AI Marketing: A 2018 Must Have

AI. It’s a buzzword that you’ve heard more than “Despacito” this year. The hard part is understanding who is truly providing innovative technology, and who’s just blowing steam.

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3 Digital Marketing Secrets For 2018

Okay, let’s keep this between the two of us.

It’s almost 2018, and in a few weeks, you’ll be studying your company’s yearly analytics and 2017 reporting data. You’ve read our Optimise magazine about what to expect in terms of trends for the upcoming year. You’ll then develop a strong online plan, and implement in the new year. But have you missed something? Well, just in case, here’s our three digital marketing secrets you should ensure incorporate into your marketing plan in 2018 in order to be prepared for whatever the new year will bring.

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How To Measure Your Content Performance

How do you measure your content performance?

Content marketing has become to the most significant facet of the marketing mix and shows no signs of stopping. However, brands and businesses still find it difficult to truly define their ROI.

The main challenge companies face is what needs tracking initially. As content marketing has continued to expand, the technology used to measure performance has rapidly grown. As a marketer, you now have dozens of differing data points to measure one piece of content, but as we know, not all metrics are the same.

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Allocating Your Marketing Budget

How brands and marketers allocate their marketing budget is an ongoing struggle. The many different ways to spend your money can feel endless, but as always with money, the risks can be astronomical and you don’t want to feel like you’ve wasted a cent of your cash or a minute of your time. If you over allocate on the wrong channel you can blow most of your marketing budget on a tactic that proves fruitless. Or, you can under-fund the right channel and miss out on valuable leads.

So, how does one avoid allocation errors and ensure you get the most out of your marketing budget?

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