The Predicament with Apps

Why Search Will Never Become Obsolete

I heard something on the train the other day regarding how apps will soon make the internet and search engines obsolete, as you will be able to download an app for basically anything you need. I jumped up, indignant, and slapped the person’s smug face, hard, while screaming, “You take that back this instant”!

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The Changing Marketplace


Last week, while researching competitors of a client of mine, I found a funky fresh new approach to a business model that has been accepted, I imagine, since the advent of the internet. Two things became clear:

  • I used ‘funky fresh’ un-ironically, showing that I may have reached the event horizon of my diminishing youth and am on the descent into middle age.
  • There are going to be some incredible developments in the business world in the very near future that uses the internet in increasingly innovative ways.

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Your AdWords Manager – The Top Ten Qualities

Find out if your AdWords Manager stacks up and ask yourself whether they possess these top ten qualities . . .

1. They enjoy their work
This is a given for any job, really, but in a fast paced industry like Online Marketing, it is a must. How can you deal with pressure in a meaningful way if you don’t enjoy it?

2. They Keep cool under pressure
As per the previous point, an AdWords Manager that enjoys their job is most likely to deal efficiently with the ever-changing landscape of AdWords coupled with the multitude of shifting requirements of the client.

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The 5 Most Common AdWords Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The hair on the back of your neck bristles with anticipation, your fingertips are electrified, your breathing is deep and fast, your excitement barely contained as your legs shake knowing that this is the beginning of a new AdWords journey. The Account is created, your billing details are in place, your cursor hovering over the “Create Your First Campaign” button. You wipe the sweat off your brow, your eagerness over what lies ahead shows as your index finger nervously but purposefully presses down on the mouse and the full glory of your campaign begins revealing itself one step at a time…

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