Mobile Pay-Per-Click, because Mobile Search is Here to Stay!

Targeting mobile devices is becoming increasingly important for any digital marketing strategy. It makes sense, right? Think about how often you’re out and about, on the move and you feel the need to instantly connect with a business, supplier or product. It can be as simple as wanting to know more about a particular product, find out a store’s opening hours, or find a business’s after hours phone number… it can be anything.
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Sustainable SEO

Blog image 24.08.15 Optimise eCentre

Part of our job here at SponsoredLinX is to ensure that our clients, current or future, have a sound enough knowledge of the work we perform on their online marketing campaigns, and SEO is no different. The reason for this is so that they can both understand and trust the reasoning behind strategic decisions throughout their campaign/s. Without this basic knowledge, or with ill-informed knowledge, the wrong expectations may be set from the get-go and this could come back to haunt us later.

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