Google’s New SERP layout

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About

If you’re wondering why Google’s search engine listings are looking a little bare, you wouldn’t be alone. Google has recently rolled out an update to the layout of its SERP (search engine results pages) to remove paid listings from the right hand side of the page; this means that there are now only seven listings (half of which are located way down at the bottom of the page) rather than the previous eleven. These changes to the landscape of the SERP layout has marketers speculating about the impact it could have on the way we search, and the result for businesses paid and organic listings.

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The Predicament with Apps

Why Search Will Never Become Obsolete

I heard something on the train the other day regarding how apps will soon make the internet and search engines obsolete, as you will be able to download an app for basically anything you need. I jumped up, indignant, and slapped the person’s smug face, hard, while screaming, “You take that back this instant”!

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