5 DIY SEO Tips to Optimise Your Mobile Marketing

Mobile online marketing can no longer be seen as a separate entity. More users consistently use mobile devices today than devices that are connected. At the tail end of 2016, Google began beta testing of a mobile first index. When this becomes a reality, Google will look to the mobile version of a website before the desktop version to determine its ranking. You need to optimise your mobile marketing if you’re to stand any chance of getting results in 2017.

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SEO Tips for 2017 – Have You Considered Your Strategy?

Now is the time to get serious!

Did you know that 93% of online experiences begin with search? It’s true, and for this reason alone, it’s imperative your business is implementing its strongest SEO strategies. So, as we approach the new year, which SEO tips should you prioritise (or not) in order to smash your digital marketing campaigns? Read More

SEO – The next logical step

Google AdWords can be very lucrative for business but like many forms of marketing, as soon as you stop investing in it, the new leads disappear and the business has nothing left over to show that it ever happened. A major advantage of AdWords it is that it often has immediate benefits and can be turned back on at any time. One SponsoredLinX staff member likens it to buying take away food – you get results fast but you wouldn’t want to live on it for a long time due to the price. Paying for every click isn’t something you want to do forever or all the time.

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Genuine Relevancy Gets Results!

Check out our latest infographic in relation to our upcoming SEO Tips & Tricks Optimise Webinar! You can register here. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, and remember, it’s completely free!

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Uncover Our Top SEO Tips & Tricks!

If you truly want to help your website to organically rank well on online search engines, then you must know what these search engines are looking for. For example, Google’s Mission Statement is, “Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

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