10 Marketing Abbreviations Every Pro Should Know!

Everyone knows Australians are notorious for shortening words, but when it comes to learning the language of marketing? That’s a whole other world! Don’t be left scratching your head over what ‘PPC’ or ‘CTA’ mean – ensure you’re a marketing lingo pro!

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How to Attract More Ideal Clients in A Few Simple Steps

Written by guest blogger Peter Gjersoe

I recently received a worksheet to help identify an ‘Ideal Client’. The ‘worksheet’ runs 28 pages… 28 PAGES!

My task today is to give you better directions, in less than 450 words.

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Google’s A.I. Deep Learning System Just Got Smarter

Computers are learning, and learning fast. The idea that computers can be taught something, and can even teach themselves, is nothing new. Arthur Samuel famously taught a computer to learn how to not only play but beat him at checkers. The machine went on to beat an American state champion. Computer learning is all around us; simply look at Google’s self-driving cars which have managed to self-drive over 1 million miles. So when a computer learns to do something that we cannot do, or it learns to do something better than humans can, what do we call this? This is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

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Cross-Device Tracking

Follow the customer journey in the lead-up to Christmas

Data, data, data! We live off data.  The more data we have the better off we are.  The world of consumer conversion tracking is rapidly changing.  We’re in a world where people are increasingly connected across a range of devices. We live in a fast paced, ‘I want it now’ society.  Consumers are more often making quick decisions in the moment, provided what they need is at their fingertips. As advertisers, it’s important to not only be there when they need you, but also to be able to track the journey they’ve taken to get to the point of sale. Mobile browsing has increased, time spent in apps on mobile devices is increasing and advertising on mobiles has never been more important.  Here we’ll look at offline conversion tracking and cross device tracking, including the developments in the industry and the benefits to you as an advertiser.

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Is Your Marketing Preparing You for Christmas 2015?

Before we can start planning what we want for Christmas, we need to look at last year’s results. How did you go on your goals last Christmas? It’s important to understand how you performed compared to your expectations, your competition and your budget. For this we look to statistics. Bring up your previous campaign and analytics results so you can benchmark your holiday sales.

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