Google’s A.I. Deep Learning System Just Got Smarter

Computers are learning, and learning fast. The idea that computers can be taught something, and can even teach themselves, is nothing new. Arthur Samuel famously taught a computer to learn how to not only play but beat him at checkers. The machine went on to beat an American state champion. Computer learning is all around us; simply look at Google’s self-driving cars which have managed to self-drive over 1 million miles. So when a computer learns to do something that we cannot do, or it learns to do something better than humans can, what do we call this? This is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

The algorithm used is called Deep Learning, and to be honest it sounds like some kind of black magic or from some kind of future dimension. Interestingly, the algorithm for Deep Learning was inspired by the human brain. There is more on the Internet which requires Deep Learning than we might be familiar with, such as Google’s Photo app, and it shows that computers cannot only learn, but they can listen, read, write and they can see. Recently, Google freely shared the foundation code for its Deep Learning algorithm for their A.I. technology in the hopes that others around the world can collaborate to expand the progress of this technology. Google calls it TensorFlow.

Why on earth would Google open source such a tool, you ask? Our emerging #collaborationeconomy means that for progress to occur, ideas and people need to work together. As found on the TensorFlow website, Google believes that, “machine learning is a key ingredient to the innovative products and technologies of the future. Research in this area is global and growing fast, but lacks standard tools. By sharing what we believe to be one of the best machine learning toolboxes in the world, we hope to create an open standard for exchanging research ideas and putting machine learning in products”.

Remember those articles which we saw in the middle of this year about Google’s A.I. dream images? This is an example of a computer Deep Learning images and the context of these images.

20.11.15 - image 1

20.11.15 - image 2

TensorFlow is going to allow Google’s Deep Learning algorithm for its A.I. technology to become a whole lot smarter. Google is the top magnet for the brightest minds in computer science and the rest of the world is falling behind. Through TensorFlow, people around the world will have the opportunity to learn more, and there will come a stage when these people will begin to offer more too. Collaboration is the way to a successful future, and Google with TensorFlow are getting the ball rolling.

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