3 Digital Marketing Secrets For 2018

Okay, let’s keep this between the two of us.

It’s almost 2018, and in a few weeks, you’ll be studying your company’s yearly analytics and 2017 reporting data. You’ve read our Optimise magazine about what to expect in terms of trends for the upcoming year. You’ll then develop a strong online plan, and implement in the new year. But have you missed something? Well, just in case, here’s our three digital marketing secrets you should ensure incorporate into your marketing plan in 2018 in order to be prepared for whatever the new year will bring.

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Why SMBs Should Embrace the Cloud

Your New Secret Weapon

Today, more and more Australian businesses are relying on the cloud to help their business run more effectively, efficiently and securely. But for some, the cloud still reminds a mystery.

Simply put, the cloud utilises the Internet to access virtual machines and digital files. Through cloud computing, the digital content can be accessed over the Internet from any device at anytime with an Internet connection. Cloud computing has also progressed to offer full servers and applications online that were previously tied to a workstation or a local server.

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What Small Businesses Can Learn From Not-For-Profits.

When we think about those brands which have stellar marketing strategies, non-profits are not usually the ones which come to mind, but there are definitely a few which deserve to stand out. Normally we think of the commercial brands likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple, but when it comes to charities, especially on home turf, it’s very difficult to think of any which can compete with the McGrath Foundation. With the ability to broadcast a branded message to reach an enormous audience, the charity truly holds a unique position in the world of marketing.

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Kokoda Youth Foundation – A message from history with a modern twist

This article originally appeared in the Q3 2015 issue of Optimise Magazine. You can read the entire e-magazine here

It is easy to get wrapped up and lost in a world of ‘revenue’, ‘growth’, ‘key performance indicators’ and ‘return on investment’. We are constantly encouraged to look forward, to grow and to be ‘more in the moment’. Modern society is increasingly obsessed with the perception of ‘self’, technology, being connected, and consumerism. We always want more. However, it can also be argued that as a society we have never felt more disconnected, disengaged and vulnerable than in our current time. How is it that we can be making advances in so many areas which are designed to bring us closer together and yet, our sense of self and community feels under constant threat?

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Digital Influence and the Flagstaff Group

When I go to my local markets on a Saturday morning, I buy my fruit and vegetables from a market stall run by a gentleman and his friend’s special needs son. I stop and have a brief chat with them while they put my goods through the point of sale. I ask them how busy have they been this morning, and what is growing well in season at the moment. They’re always so happy to see me and I am so pleased that I can give them my business. Not only am I aware that I am helping a small and local business, but after getting to know the stall holder, I have become aware that I am having an indirect impact on the employment of a young man with special needs who otherwise could likely not be employed in the open market.

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