Push your Online Marketing in 2015

Is your company ready to evolve and adapt for the changes in the digital marketing world as we look to leave the eventful year of 2014 behind us? I can’t think of one industry where change is more of a consistency. Keeping this mind, your scope for what you think is possible needs to be as open as the sky.

However, perhaps you find this exact fact more of a hindrance than a benefit? Traditional marketing methods have been around and practiced for much longer of course, and they are tactics you are likely more comfortable with. But did you ever push the boundaries and exceed your own expectations by simply sticking with what you find safe? We all know the answer is ‘No’. With New Year resolutions quickly chasing us (can you believe 2014 is nearly over?!) both in our personal and professional lives, determining how far you are ready to push your marketing limits could be the triumphant win you’ve been searching for. In adopting forward thinking, advanced online techniques, and ensuring they are set-up in the right way, you will have access to real-life data which will give a true reflection on your ROI. Traditional marketing methods are near impossible to accurately measure in terms of effectiveness, hence, marketing skills will be more beneficial when applied to digital strategies. It also means your marketing managers are far more accountable for their efforts, and it will mean you can be sure that the money you spend in particular avenues will give you results.

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Retroactive Conversion Optimisation for Paid & Organic Traffic

Back in early march, I had the pleasure (and challenge!) of receiving a new client, and their website www.ezylivingrentals.com.au sat in an incredibly competitive space within online advertising. As a company who specialises in rent-to-own furniture and appliances, we knew we were stepping into a marketplace with a plethora of competition from well established, nationally recognised businesses… and taking into account the high Cost-Per-Clicks (CPCs) for AdWords we knew that we had to make every cent count with our marketing budget.

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