How To Attract Eyeballs, Action and Revenue

Guest blog by Peter Gjersoe

Trust is the new economy

On 15 January 2016 Wall-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, announced its plans to close an initial 269 stores as it struggles against internet based competitors.

Borders, Blockbuster and Kodak, were household names now gone because they were unable to adapt technology to give us an easier, cheaper buying experience.

We used to shop locally and trust advertisements from newspapers, yellow pages and billboards. Now a global avalanche of businesses willingly supplies us 24/7 as a result of a few clicks on our omnipresent smartphones has changed all that. This is only the beginning. Today, more than 50% of the world’s population is below the age of 30, and you can guarantee they are not going to slow things down.

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Let’s Talk About Alphabet

Let’s talk about Alphabet! No not the one you sang as a kid watching Sesame Street, we’re talking about Google’s boss. Google was apparently never intended to evolve into the enormity of a conglomerate it became. So now Alphabet is a conglomerate and Google is its subsidiary.  Let’s take a look at Alphabet’s subsidiaries.

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Google Analytics for the EOFY

It is always useful at this time of the year to forecast budgets, future cash flows and areas to invest funds. The question always on the mind at the end of financial year (EOFY), is how effective has my advertising been? This will inevitably show what funds need to be reinvested where, from marketing spend to areas which you think need to be improved.

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OzChild Online – Collaboration & Video Content the Future of Charities

Children and young people have a right to live full life, however, circumstances out of their control means that some Australian children find themselves in situations where this cannot happen. When such situations arise, a child’s future and the opportunities available to them may seem bleak. Such scenarios are not fiction, and in the lead-up to the Holiday Season, it is not hard to imagine that feelings of loneliness, fear and anger can be prominent in young people facing this reality.

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To Pause or Not to Pause – What’s your Christmas AdWords plan?

With December creeping ever closer and Christmas just around the corner a lot of businesses will be looking at slowing things down over the holiday period. In my experience (with the exception of retail) most other forms of business generally wind things down for the week over Christmas as they give their staff a much needed break, but what about your Google advertising?

Many businesses tend to pause on the AdWords front for a few weeks over Christmas which at face value makes sense, but, if you dig a little deeper it’s actually quite counter intuitive. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t put a hold on your ads and a couple of insider tips on what you can do instead!

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