Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook is at it again! Ceremoniously coveting our eyes to itself via Facebook Messenger. When Facebook originally launched, it sneakily siphoned masses of traffic away from social sites Bebo, HI5 and MySpace, leading to their online demise. Now with the Messenger App and website, it’s starting to impinge on the SMS function that we all collectively use over 350 billion times a month and 15% of these are advertisements, as cited from GrabStats.com.

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Let’s Talk About Alphabet

Let’s talk about Alphabet! No not the one you sang as a kid watching Sesame Street, we’re talking about Google’s boss. Google was apparently never intended to evolve into the enormity of a conglomerate it became. So now Alphabet is a conglomerate and Google is its subsidiary.  Let’s take a look at Alphabet’s subsidiaries.

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Are #hashtags still relevant?

If you want to find content linked to a specific theme, category, topic or event, the best way to do it is by clicking on a hashtag # in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest.

It’s a metadata tool that assists you in finding the most up to date posts and information about that topic.

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