Let’s Talk About Alphabet

Let’s talk about Alphabet! No not the one you sang as a kid watching Sesame Street, we’re talking about Google’s boss. Google was apparently never intended to evolve into the enormity of a conglomerate it became. So now Alphabet is a conglomerate and Google is its subsidiary.  Let’s take a look at Alphabet’s subsidiaries.

Calico – established to investigate and spearhead solutions to tackle health and wellbeing related issues.

Google – parent brand to digital products we are all familiar with, for example: YouTube, Search, Android, Apps, Maps & Ads.

Fiber – Established to provide lightning speed internet to all devices that are internet accessible.

Google Ventures – An angel investor of sorts determined to inject capital to adventurous and out-of-the-box companies.

Nest – The division of Alphabet that is home to smart new technology products and devices.

Google X Similar to the secret services like the FBI and CIA, this division aims to foster the large flagship projects that are groundbreaking in nature.

Google Capital – Invests in long-term tech trends that are likely to be around for a while longer than Google + the social media network that flailed.

Businessman with umbrella

But what does this all mean to you? Well if you have ever wanted to live longer, Calico could have the answers. No one likes getting older.