SEO Trends To Follow In 2018 – Part 3

We’re almost at the halfway mark for 2018 and yet we’ve still got some SEO trends to share with you. So far, we’ve discussed building your brand awareness, voice search, mobile optimisation, link building and more. Now, it’s time to consider structured data, page speed and artificial intelligence. 

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SEO Trends To Follow In 2018 – Part 2

Following on from last week, we’re back to venture more into some SEO trends to incorporate into your marketing campaign for 2018. After discussing voice search, ranking as quick answers and optimising for the mobile-first index, we’ve got another three and fresh tips!

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SEO Trends To Follow In 2018 – Part 1 (Infographic)

For the past few weeks, we’ve been focussing solely on conversion optimisation. Now, it’s time to redirect our aim and delve into the world of search engine optimisation. This marketing technique is used to drive traffic naturally to your website, meaning you don’t pay for your web visitors like you would with a service such as Google AdWords. However, SEO still has many aspects and facets to it that can make it hard to get right. If you want to ensure high search engine rankings, we recommend trying out these SEO trends we’ve predicted for the rest of 2018.

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What Our SEO Experts Want Clients To Know

Since 2006, SponsoredLinX has been offering advanced search engine optimisation (SEO) services to small-medium business across Australia and New Zealand. Our SEO experts helped many clients reach the first page of Google with our tailored packages to suit each individual company.

Sometimes though, we get clients who are confused about the process of SEO, why it takes so long and why their account managers can’t fix their website issues. To help answer your questions, we had some of our SEO experts write a few things that could assist clients with what to expect before signing up at SponsoredLinX.

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SEO Link-Building

Today, link-building and SEO go hand in hand, but despite its importance, it’s still handled poorly by many businesses. No matter how well-intentioned you are, without structure, you won’t achieve the results you hope for.

We’ve experimented with both- link-building campaigns with as much structure as a bowl of jelly, and others with enough structure it would make engineers proud. And, the latter results in a more efficient campaign every time.

Meanwhile, this efficiency creates better results for clients and in turn better profits. And so, we’re going to break down some steps to take to ensure your link-building campaigns run like a well-oiled machine.

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