2017 WordPress Security Tips – How To Protect Your Website!

Stop hackers in their tracks!


Whether you run a single blog on WordPress, or host your company’s entire site, have you considered your 2017 WordPress security? After all, it’s always far better to be prepared for the event of a website security breach, than to find yourself furiously fumbling to try and get your site back online as quickly as possible. Read More

How To Spot Scam Emails In 2017

With news this week that internet users are once again being fooled by fake Australia Post email scams, it’s a pertinent reminder to us all to check our habits. Because while some emails are so hilariously bad that they are an obvious phishing scam (like our good friend, the Nigerian Prince), others can be more convincing. So if you’re after some reminders on how to spot scam emails, check out our top tips below. Read More

Is your website at risk from this SEO plugin?

If your website is currently running the popular ‘All in One SEO’ pack plug-in, you could be at risk of a pretty serious security hack.

Given that the plug-in is reported to be the most downloaded WordPress plug-in (with over 1 million installs), the flaw has no doubt caused a lot of anxiety for website owners. Identified by security researcher David Vaartjes (the co-owner of ‘Securify’), the risk is said to result from a flaw in the plug-in’s ‘Bot Blocker’ functionality – which could potentially allow for attackers to hijack a site’s admin account. From there, an attacker could force a website’s browser to perform actions not authorised by the administrator; inserting a malicious JavaScript code into the request headers and allowing it to end up as part of the HTML page. A very scary situation indeed!

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Top Six Tips for keeping your Google Accounts Secure

Stay smart and safe online

Safety online is paramount for all of us that use the internet. We hear of the horror stories of account hacking and identity theft ripping across the internet by the truck load. So it really is important that we are diligent about keeping our accounts secure.

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