How to Attract More Ideal Clients in A Few Simple Steps

Written by guest blogger Peter Gjersoe

I recently received a worksheet to help identify an ‘Ideal Client’. The ‘worksheet’ runs 28 pages… 28 PAGES!

My task today is to give you better directions, in less than 450 words.

Hopefully the Ideal Client concept is not new to you. However, just in case: When you look at your client base; some will make your toes curl just thinking about them, while others will make you go: ‘If only I could work with them all day long, I could achieve anything”.

Well you can, and this is how.

*Note to startups: Stop wasting time identifying your Ideal Client. As a startup, ANYBODY willing to trade money for your solution is your Ideal Client. Once you have a number of clients, you can follow along from Step 1.

target your customer

For businesses with the usual mix of clients:

Step 1: Identify the 20% of clients generating 80% of your income.

Step 2: Interview them. Yes, actually take the time and extend them the courtesy of a personal ‘reach-out’. Please do not cut corners by using SurveyMonkey. This is about building long term relationships.

Step 3: You want to know: “Why are you buying my solution?”. Then be prepared to be surprised. Their ‘why’ is most likely very different from what you thought.

Step 4: Next you want to know: “How can I make it easier for you to use?”

Step 5: Compile the answers from steps 3 and 4 to work out: “What do my clients have in common?” Depending on the number of clients you have interviewed, this can be easy or hard. Irrespective, you are now on the right track.

Step 6: Build a profile based on the answers, and give the profile a name.

Step 7: Everything you do from this day forward is all about building a stronger relationship with this person, your: Ideal Client.

Step 8: As you are building the relationship, get to know more about your Ideal Client. You especially want to know: (1) What do they consider ‘good value’, (2) How would they like to be dealt with, and (3) What social network platforms do they hang out on?

Step 9: You now have the perfect recipe to find many more Ideal Clients.

Step 10: As soon as your income allows it: Fire the 80% of your clients who are not contributing.

Step 11: Enjoy your life like never before.

Done in 410 words.

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