Investing in AdWords is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

All too frequently I come across business owners who expect immediate and magnificent returns from their marketing strategies – in particular, AdWords. What they don’t yet understand however, is that despite best wishes, AdWords doesn’t work by casting a magical spell to convince the masses to purchase your product/service. Remember – you are entering into a marathon, not a sprint, and the end goal should be a strong, robust marketing foundation. Likewise, you want your brand represented to the highest standard while you remain on the cutting edge of change and adaptability.

Getting your AdWords account heading in the right direction – and achieving productive results – takes time, effort, know-how and patience. Essentially, it’s the risk you need to take in order to achieve better rewards for your business. Instead of looking at AdWords as a quick cash cow, see it for what it is: an investment that will plant the right seeds for future rewards. Read More

The Importance of Landing Pages

What is the importance of landing pages? Great question, however the real question is… Why should landing pages be important to you?

Landing pages are a snapshot of your business, your products, and in some cases your only chance at enticing the consumer to hang around.

Picture this; you’ve walked into a restaurant, the waiter is scruffy, all over the place, the establishment is old, drab and cluttered. Do you hang around to look at the menu? Do you look past this and persevere? Or do you leave?

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