Micro Moments from Google – Big Changes for Industries

Google has been making moves to expand into new territory, and we are about to see big changes on the horizon that will change the market as we know it.

There was been some big news in search announced during the AdWords livestream in May. Google is expanding its California experiment of Google Compare which was first announced in March. This will allow people to compare quotes from local car insurance providers. Google has expanded the service to include reviews and it has now included extra states in the experiment. The services have also expanded to include credit cards and mortgage rates.

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How Much Do I need to put into AdWords?

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The answer to the above is really quite simple:

Results = time/money

First we need to set up the time frame you’re looking to achieve your results in and what is realistic.

There is one simple concept to understand when it comes to time frame, and that there is only ever at one point a finite number of people searching for one thing. Jennifer Lawrence was the most googled person last year, but I am sure there are people who have never looked her up online.

This applies to your business; there is and will be only a number of people who are looking for you. That number may be quite large, but it is still an overall restriction.

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