Sustainable SEO

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Part of our job here at SponsoredLinX is to ensure that our clients, current or future, have a sound enough knowledge of the work we perform on their online marketing campaigns, and SEO is no different. The reason for this is so that they can both understand and trust the reasoning behind strategic decisions throughout their campaign/s. Without this basic knowledge, or with ill-informed knowledge, the wrong expectations may be set from the get-go and this could come back to haunt us later.

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Google + & Google My Business

It would seem fairly obvious if you have a consumer wandering around a Shopping Centre, that the main reason they are there is to shop. Okay, that may seem like a mundane statement to make, but take a step back and think about it for a moment. What does it tell you about this person? Firstly, you know they’re there to purchase a product or service. Secondly, you know geographically where they are. Thirdly, depending on the time of the year, they might be searching for something in particular, or may want to take advantage of certain sales. The amazing thing is you can make it even easier for customers to find you through the use of Google + and Google My Business.

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Keyword Bidding Tips

As small business owners, your business idea might have come to you in a number of different ways. That whole saying that, ‘It’s just business, it’s not personal’ couldn’t be further from the truth, and understandably, you want to nurse your business to grow and flourish to be all you know it can be. So you’ve gone and gotten yourself a great business idea, naturally you should want to promote it online.

You’ve decided that Google AdWords is the place to be, and you’re right on the money. If you’re not advertising on Google, then you could be missing out on a huge market of potential clients. Word of mouth, newspaper ads, Yellow pages; they can all get your business, but the Internet has changed things. So you’ve gone and created your Google AdWords account, and you’re off and running!

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Social Economics

Any tool can be used by people to create or destroy; it all depends on the person. Humans are the major agents of impact and change on our earth. We are in control of our destiny. When we are all told that we are in control of our emotions, we agree. We are the ones in control of our behaviour, our decision-making. So imagine when someone tells you that, in fact, there are external factors which actually change the way you think, the decisions you make; we get rather defensive and believe this to be untrue. If you are completing a task as something as mundane as filling out a form, you are the one who decides which box to tick and which box not to tick… or are we? Are we living under the impression that our decisions are merely illusions?

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Influencing Change at Google

SEO_01Remember It’s still hanging around. For many of us though it is difficult to remember what we used to do before search engines such as Google and Yahoo became mainstream. I was pondering how has our search techniques as users changed over the past decade or so and initially I was coming up with a bit of a blank. When something becomes second nature it is difficult to picture how your life used to be beforehand. For the large percentage of users, search techniques seem to go through a series of searches depending on where the user is within their search cycle. Let me explain.

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