Why You Need Mobile Marketing

The so-called ‘art of the sale’ and the knowledge that comes with it is has for a long time been a key identifier to successful businesses and entrepreneurs. Truthfully, selling is not an art but a skill that anyone can learn. What separates the great from the good is a person’s ability to be a master at the skill, rather than merely competent. It’s drive and determination, it’s a thirst to never give up and to find and use resources when others believe there are none. Now that selling, advertising and marketing take place on so many mediums; face-to-face, over the phone, video chat, webinars, display advertising, social media, search engines… there really is no excuse for not using what is available to you.

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Christmas Spend for 2015 happening on Mobile!

I started doing my Christmas shopping research in September this year – yep, September. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I can tell you what, I now know what I am going to purchase each family member and all my friends for Christmas this year, and I have already bought some of them; online and offline. I haven’t even put my Christmas tree up yet, but boy do I feel organised! I’m not alone either. Google have reported in their ‘Ready to Rock 2015 Retail Recap’ Google Partner document that more and more consumers are doing holiday shopping research as early as August (yes, I pretty well fit in this group). If your business was on the ball, then I could very well have purchased, or will soon purchase, something from you. If not, well…

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Google’s A.I. Deep Learning System Just Got Smarter

Computers are learning, and learning fast. The idea that computers can be taught something, and can even teach themselves, is nothing new. Arthur Samuel famously taught a computer to learn how to not only play but beat him at checkers. The machine went on to beat an American state champion. Computer learning is all around us; simply look at Google’s self-driving cars which have managed to self-drive over 1 million miles. So when a computer learns to do something that we cannot do, or it learns to do something better than humans can, what do we call this? This is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

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The Platform You Need to Create the Perfect Landing Page

Webinar Landing Page eDM Header

When it comes to converting credible leads, as savvy business owners you all know that an efficiently managed Pay-per-Click marketing campaign is the best way to capture high-intent customers. But this is not enough. You might have the cleverest Google AdWords ads ever, but if these are not coupled with optimised landing pages, then all your hard work has been for nought.

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The Art & Science Behind the Perfect Landing Page

Blog image 06.11.15 - Nov. Optimise Webinar

Why do we do what we do online? What makes us click on something, press the back button, continue to scroll or swipe right? Our online search behaviour is shaped by more than what we are searching for. The way in which information and content is displayed to us also shapes why we do, and don’t, click on any element online. Even the environment in which we are engaging with content online can shape our actions. So as a business owner, having a high converting and optimised landing page is crucial for all of the directed traffic you are directing to these pages. Enabling and utilising the science behind our online behaviours to develop the perfect landing page is where you need to start.

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