How Can Your Marketing Be More In The Moment?

I’ve been doing a lot of work personally with mindfulness, being present and living in the moment.  It always makes me happy when I can relate my working life into areas that I’m learning about personally.

Today, we’re going to talk about being in the moment.

According to Google, the volume on mobile search has increased, sessions are getting shorter and conversions are increasing. You may even have seen this SponsoredLinX blog about micro-moments in relation to this. Essentially, if searching results in quality and relevant outcomes for a user, conversion is more probable.

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Goal Setting Tips

Setting Goals

I’ll start by asking one simple question.  What do you want to get out of your AdWords campaign?  If you answered “more leads” or “more sales” then read on.

Yes we all want more leads and more sales, more revenue, more traffic, more of everything. You’re running a business here and you want to grow and you want to be able to pay your employees and yourself. You want to be successful.

You know that, your client manager knows that – we all want the same thing for you.

However, what your client manager needs to know is what you actually want to get from the AdWords campaign.

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Your AdWords New Year Resolutions

2015 image

It’s the end of another year, and with that comes time for us to reflect on the year we’ve had, and start planning for the next one.  We all do it in our personal lives.  We decide that we’re going to lose weight, or quit smoking, or be a better parent.  But when it comes to business, and online marketing, we sometimes forget.   Instead of using this time as a break from the crazy year, I encourage you to revisit some of the achievements you’ve had and start working on some goals.

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