Content Curation Tools To Add Value To Your Business

As with every piece of content that you write, the material you curate must have value. I’m sure we’ve all, at one stage, thought that there has to be an easier way to collect links and images that may, someday, prove valuable to us. The good news is, there are several websites readily available for all skill levels. Below are the most recommended content curation tools that can take your brand to the next level and improve your credibility and reputation.  Read More

Instagram Campaigns – Are They Worth It?

Launched in 2010, Instagram has quickly become a mainstream source of media sharing. Initially designed as just a photo sharing app, Instagram has now extended its features to include video and a private messaging. Used for personal and business reasons alike, Instagram is now considered one of the most successful apps in the world. So how can you utilise it for your business? These few notes might help you decide if running Instagram campaigns can be beneficial to your brand. Read More

SEO Link-Building

Today, link-building and SEO go hand in hand, but despite its importance, it’s still handled poorly by many businesses. No matter how well-intentioned you are, without structure, you won’t achieve the results you hope for.

We’ve experimented with both- link-building campaigns with as much structure as a bowl of jelly, and others with enough structure it would make engineers proud. And, the latter results in a more efficient campaign every time.

Meanwhile, this efficiency creates better results for clients and in turn better profits. And so, we’re going to break down some steps to take to ensure your link-building campaigns run like a well-oiled machine.

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How To Measure Your Content Performance

How do you measure your content performance?

Content marketing has become to the most significant facet of the marketing mix and shows no signs of stopping. However, brands and businesses still find it difficult to truly define their ROI.

The main challenge companies face is what needs tracking initially. As content marketing has continued to expand, the technology used to measure performance has rapidly grown. As a marketer, you now have dozens of differing data points to measure one piece of content, but as we know, not all metrics are the same.

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Still Making Content Marketing Mistakes?

Content marketing is a useful aid for businesses today. However, it’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to creating a new campaign. Often, they’re small errors you can learn from, but then you get the more costly ones that leave you with a decrease in traffic, negative feedback, and a severe drop in conversions. We thought we’d help out by listing the four most common content marketing mistakes you might be making, and how to avoid them.

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