How Video Increases Online Conversions For Business – Webinar


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Speaker: Nat Dunbar

Date: Wednesday 31st August


Australia – 10:30 am (AEST)

New Zealand – 12:30 am (NZST)

Living in the information age, we can access and consume data faster than ever! If you had the choice, would you rather read about a product/service or watch a video about it? After all, it is easier to watch and learn, right?

Join Nat Dunbar, Hybrid Marketing Specialist  as she takes you on a journey to learn about how online video has evolved to become a key marketing conversion tool for business.

You will learn:

– The trends behind the rise of video consumption.

– How you can use video strategically in your marketing plan to grow your business.

– Video types, scripting & storyboard tips.

– What channels you should be using to get the best reach online for your business.

Set some time aside on Wednesday 31st August at 10:30 am (AEST) to tune in and find out more about using video for your business success.

The Webinar will start in:



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