Making IGTV Work For Your Business

IGTV was announced this week as Instagram’s response to the ongoing growth in popularity of video platforms. Instagram now sees a billion monthly active users, so if you still haven’t created a profile for your business, what are you waiting for? Read More

AdWords – Is It The Right Investment For You?

You’ve heard a lot about it, your mate saw great results, but you’re still not sure if the Google AdWords platform is the best way to spend your precious marketing budget. We get it- there’s still a lot of confusion among business owners regarding how to effectively use AdWords, and whether or not the tool will provide a reasonable return on investment- particularly when the marketing budget is tight (as it is for many small businesses). While any and all businesses could benefit from the targeted, responsive system that AdWords uses, this is our checklist of the things you should consider before diving into the world of AdWords. Read More