Leveraging #PopCulture for #SmallBiz

The recent Music Television (MTV) Awards made headlines in entertainment publications, print and offline, around the Western world. Topics which were trending for a couple of days contained ‘Kayne announces 2020 presidential candidacy’, ‘Nicki Minaj calls out Miley Cyrus’, and ‘Taylor Swift squad goals’. For any one person who takes notice of current affairs, news, or simply owns a smartphone, it was almost entirely impossible to escape hearing about or seeing mention of this year’s MTV Awards.

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How to Pick a Google AdWords Guru

Paid Search Managers, PPC Advisor, Online Advertising Expert, AdWords Professional….

Whatever you call it, they’re all the same person. Or, are they? What sets a great AdWords Manager apart from the rest? How do you know you’re working with the best?

Like any industry, the company is only as good as the people working for it. And the work done is only as good as the person doing it. So if you’re about to hire someone to handle your AdWords for you, and to guide you through the wonderful world of Pay-Per-Click, you want to make sure you’re hiring the right person.

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Beyond Google AdWords – How To Convert Your Leads!

So you’re working a marketing professional on your Google AdWords account and traffic is coming through to the site with more relevancy and volume than before – there’s even those addictive numbers appearing in the Conversion column. Things are going great! In the midst of the initial stages of optimising a Google AdWords campaign it can be easy to get hooked up on the improvements and the numbers involved.

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Is Your Marketing Preparing You for Christmas 2015?

Before we can start planning what we want for Christmas, we need to look at last year’s results. How did you go on your goals last Christmas? It’s important to understand how you performed compared to your expectations, your competition and your budget. For this we look to statistics. Bring up your previous campaign and analytics results so you can benchmark your holiday sales.

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Social Economics

Any tool can be used by people to create or destroy; it all depends on the person. Humans are the major agents of impact and change on our earth. We are in control of our destiny. When we are all told that we are in control of our emotions, we agree. We are the ones in control of our behaviour, our decision-making. So imagine when someone tells you that, in fact, there are external factors which actually change the way you think, the decisions you make; we get rather defensive and believe this to be untrue. If you are completing a task as something as mundane as filling out a form, you are the one who decides which box to tick and which box not to tick… or are we? Are we living under the impression that our decisions are merely illusions?

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