Beyond Google AdWords – How To Convert Your Leads!

So you’re working a marketing professional on your Google AdWords account and traffic is coming through to the site with more relevancy and volume than before – there’s even those addictive numbers appearing in the Conversion column. Things are going great! In the midst of the initial stages of optimising a Google AdWords campaign it can be easy to get hooked up on the improvements and the numbers involved.

But how do those numbers on the screen turn into profitable leads for your business? How do the conversions in the column equate to money in your bank account? How you handle your online and phone call enquiries can make a huge difference to how many of your conversions become profitable clients for you.  Your Client Manager is doing a great job getting people in touch with you, but here are some critical things you can do to help close the circle from interest to purchase.

Give your potential clients a timely response to their enquiries. All customers need to feel that they’re important to you – and they definitely are! The best way to convey this is to respond to enquiries as quickly as possible.  If you primarily get phone calls, ensure that they are answered by either yourself, your friendly staff or even by a virtual receptionist service. Research shows that people will often call the top ranking business ads on Google.  By the time you call someone back; your competition may have taken your sale. If email enquiries are more your channel, ensure that you set yourself and your staff a standard of responding quickly. That way you’re creating an efficient and effective start to your potential client’s relationship with your business.

Businessman presenting financial growth on graph

It’s imperative to respond to email enquiries and form submissions in a timely manner. My husband stormed in the other day complaining ‘I don’t understand why these businesses aren’t getting back to me. It’s like they don’t want my money!’ Potential clients and customers get frustrated by the perception that no one cares. If your potential customer has taken the time to email you or utilise your enquiry form, getting back to them is a sure fire way to get and retain their business. It’s also a great idea to make sure your enquiry form submissions go through to an email that has multiple users. That way if you’re not able to respond, one of your friendly staff members can step in and create a great first experience for your new customer.

Make sure your potential customer receives a courteous response. Statistics show that you have just seven seconds to make a first impression on your potential client or customer and this can be even less on phone exchanges. This initial interaction between you and your customer will instantly influence their decision whether to purchase your goods or employ you for services. Good old fashioned customer service still goes a long way in our digital age and can leave your customer feeling great about embarking on a relationship with your business.  There are several excellent phone answering services available nowadays that can help create the best experience for your customer if you’re too busy, so make the most of every second of your initial conversation with polite and friendly language.

Adwords Re-Marketing is a fantastic way to remind potential clients about your business. If your product or service has a long buying cycle or is in need periodically, talk to your Client Manager about maximising your digital presence with a Re-Marketing campaign.  Re-Marketing can make sure your brand and offers stay in front of people who have already shown an interest in your business by visiting your website. Research shows that the more a potential customer sees your ads, the more likely they are to contact you when they’re ready to make their purchase. Re-Marketing can also be tailor made to specific segments of your audience to make sure they’re seeing the most relevant elements of your products and services.

Maximise the experience of your existing client base with email marketing.  If you have clients email addresses; you have the ability to ensure they keep your business and the great experiences they’ve had with you in mind. Email marketing and Re-Marketing can work brilliantly together to engage with your customers, advise them of upcoming promotions and make sure they know that you appreciate their business. If you are a client of SponsoredLinX, talk about how Email marketing and Re-Marketing can assist you to tailor communications to get the best response from your potential client base and provide them with a stellar experience.

Getting quality, relevant people to your website is the first half of any digital marketing strategy so when you’re seeing conversions you’re on the right track. Converted clicks are exciting to see however they really are only the first half of your new customer’s experience. Your expert digital strategist can bring you the best, most qualified clicks to the website, refining and optimising strategies so that every click has a chance of converting. If you can combine these conversions with a world class customer service experience you’ll be generating the success you need for your burgeoning business, and the team here at SponsoredLinX can help you get there, so call us on 1300 859 600 and start generating those leads!