Google Acronym Glossary

Have you ever sat down to watch a game of football without knowing any of the rules? Maybe played a hand at poker without knowing if your cards are any good? Watched the sequel without having seen the original movie?

You get lost, don’t you? It’s tough going when you’re not sure what you’re watching, or what you should be doing next.

Welcome to AdWords – where the rules are even more complicated than that game of football. The cards are played closer to your opponent’s chest, and just think of all that character development you missed.

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How to Pick a Google AdWords Guru

Paid Search Managers, PPC Advisor, Online Advertising Expert, AdWords Professional….

Whatever you call it, they’re all the same person. Or, are they? What sets a great AdWords Manager apart from the rest? How do you know you’re working with the best?

Like any industry, the company is only as good as the people working for it. And the work done is only as good as the person doing it. So if you’re about to hire someone to handle your AdWords for you, and to guide you through the wonderful world of Pay-Per-Click, you want to make sure you’re hiring the right person.

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Beyond Google AdWords – How To Convert Your Leads!

So you’re working a marketing professional on your Google AdWords account and traffic is coming through to the site with more relevancy and volume than before – there’s even those addictive numbers appearing in the Conversion column. Things are going great! In the midst of the initial stages of optimising a Google AdWords campaign it can be easy to get hooked up on the improvements and the numbers involved.

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Keyword Bidding Tips

As small business owners, your business idea might have come to you in a number of different ways. That whole saying that, ‘It’s just business, it’s not personal’ couldn’t be further from the truth, and understandably, you want to nurse your business to grow and flourish to be all you know it can be. So you’ve gone and gotten yourself a great business idea, naturally you should want to promote it online.

You’ve decided that Google AdWords is the place to be, and you’re right on the money. If you’re not advertising on Google, then you could be missing out on a huge market of potential clients. Word of mouth, newspaper ads, Yellow pages; they can all get your business, but the Internet has changed things. So you’ve gone and created your Google AdWords account, and you’re off and running!

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5 Key Online Strategies for Small Business Success [video]

Learn the 5 key online marketing strategies your business needs to succeed. Ben Bradshaw, SponsoredLinX Founder & CEO, fills you in on the marketing techniques he has been using to take SponsoredLinX from strength to strength. Tap into this wealth of knowledge and reap the benefits!

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