Investing in AdWords is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

All too frequently I come across business owners who expect immediate and magnificent returns from their marketing strategies – in particular, AdWords. What they don’t yet understand however, is that despite best wishes, AdWords doesn’t work by casting a magical spell to convince the masses to purchase your product/service. Remember – you are entering into a marathon, not a sprint, and the end goal should be a strong, robust marketing foundation. Likewise, you want your brand represented to the highest standard while you remain on the cutting edge of change and adaptability.

Getting your AdWords account heading in the right direction – and achieving productive results – takes time, effort, know-how and patience. Essentially, it’s the risk you need to take in order to achieve better rewards for your business. Instead of looking at AdWords as a quick cash cow, see it for what it is: an investment that will plant the right seeds for future rewards. Read More

2017 Remarketing Strategies – Avoid Being Left Out in the Cold!

When the holiday rush is over, will your business be prepared for the quieter months?

For the majority of us the holidays are a great time of year, but for ecommerce retailers, the Christmas rush is even more exciting; a welcomed influx of new and exciting business, and a time of the time of year where all of our hard work really starts to pay off. From the endless hours of data mining and reviewing customer trends, to the numerous promotions, sales and specials, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s time to switch off, relax and enjoy the sales perks. After all, surely your advertising will be fine until next year, right?

Wrong!  Read More

Increase Store Visits with Google’s New AdWords Reports!

Introducing Google AdWords Distance Reports and Store Visit Performance Reporting! 

Just in time for Christmas comes the good news that Google is releasing two new AdWords reports –  designed specifically to help increase your store visits! So what are they, and how will they help your business? Let’s dive in!

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Why Cross-Device Remarketing Is a Huge Deal

Reach more customers than ever!

This week, Google announced exciting plans to introduce cross-device remarketing, and the world of marketing rejoiced!

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DIY AdWords Disasters – Why Your Business Should Hire a Pro

In this day and age we all want to save money; be it on groceries, holidays or  public transport. But when it comes to your business, the lines between saving money and doing what’s best for your investment need to be considered more thoughtfully.

None of this is more evident than when it comes to the use of AdWords – which, let’s face it, can take a lot of research. Depending on how advanced you are with your marketing knowledge, and how much time you can dedicate to researching its ever-changing trends, will determine whether a DIY AdWords approach is the best idea. On a best/worse case scenario, it could send your conversion rates upwards, or cause you to have a breakdown.

At the end of the day, the money you save from taking a DIY approach is not worth it if it comes at the cost of your mental health – or worse – an ineffective marketing strategy.

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