Conversion Optimisation in 10 Steps – Part Three (Infographic)

For the last two weeks, we’ve been pulling apart our Conversion Optimisation in 10 Steps eBook in order to optimise your brand’s performance. Well, it’s now time for the last of those ten tips. We hope you’ve learned a lot!

Customise Your Landing Pages Geographically

Do you know which locations or suburbs bring the most sales? If not, it’s probably because you haven’t maximised the power of landing pages that cater to specific locations. It’s imperative to include locations on your landing pages. Location information will insist your customers act quickly, especially if they are close to where your business is. It’s all about product and service availability and convenience for them. Location landing pages will help you get better search engine optimisation (especially if the search query is from a mobile device and you have a responsive site), enhanced quality scores in AdWords and more sales. You can have several landing pages, one for each location that attracts the most sales. The more refined the information is to your target market’s location – the better! If you need several landing pages for different locations, products and services, check out

Nurture Returning Users

Pay attention to potential clients that give you their attention but have not converted into a sale yet. Your product or service already has them captivated, which means they are in the ‘very interested’ phase and with a little nurturing, can definitely turn into a sale. They are the ones that have signed up to newsletters, downloaded ebooks, re-visited your site, made general inquiries, abandoned the shopping cart and have spent between three to five minutes browsing around on your site.

They are investigating and comparing the market offering for a specific product or service. You can create a campaign with an offer that will persuade or incentivise them to buy. It can be a simple direct email or remarketed ad that follows them to other sites and gets them to take action and commit to a purchase. Test out different USP’s and offers as this will help you gain feedback on what will get others in the same boat, to buy.

The Checkout Process

Don’t convolute the check-out process! If there are too many road bumps when someone is eager to purchase they will exit your site in a flash and go somewhere else to buy in a jiffy. Payment options through various platforms are readily available and its best to do as many as you can. This makes it easier to capture a broad audience of payers who want to give you their money. PayPal and credit/ debit card are the most used.

Converting the traffic you attract through the use of an optimised and responsive website will help you turn credible leads into verifiable conversions and capitalise over your competitors. Continue to engage your customers and turn them into loyal brand representatives for your business with powerful retention tools which drive outstanding user-engagement.

Don’t forget to check back on our last two posts here and here, or download the entire eBook in one convenient place from here. Alternatively, contact SponsoredLinX today on 1300 859 600 to talk to one of our digital marketing experts about conversion optimisation for your business!