Conversion Optimisation In 10 Steps – Part Two (Infographic)

Last week, we discussed our top ten tips for conversion optimisation. We unfolded the best options for landing page designs, how to check if your loading speed is on par, ensured you were promoting your best assets and suggested utilising the remarketing tactic. Today, we’ve got some more advice on another three ideas that can help your business succeed in our digital era.

conversion optimisation

Call To Action (CTA) At Landing Page

Calls to Action (CTA) are crucial to conversion! If you don’t convince the buyer to act now, they simply won’t. You’ll often see cliché phrases like: “Take advantage today before the offer expires!” There are two key rules when setting calls to action. These are:

  • Give consumers confidence and trust to buy. Use a free trial, sample, thirty-day money back guarantee or obligation-free lure. For example, ‘Try it today with our money-back guarantee’
  • Encourage an immediate response action, don’t leave them to think about the purchase, persuade them to do it, now!

Pause The Traffic Sources That Aren’t Converting

Make use of your Google Analytics and Facebook insights to determine the traffic sources that convert the most customers, then you can target your effort to enhance these channels. When you log into Google Analytics head to your traffic sources information, this will help you ascertain the channels that bring you the most visits. For example, if you have an AdWords campaign with two ads that are converting and one that isn’t, then stop the underperforming ad from wasting leads and money. You will then have the available funds to boost the two converting ads to generate more sales. Apply this method to Facebook ads by using the insights to figure out what leads are converting and which are not.

Do Not Forget To Add A Chat Button

An instant chat service widget will assist you in capturing leads from your web page. If someone is browsing on your site and wants a question answered instantly they’ll type their query into the chat box that is waving around in their face. You know, the ones that pop up and ask ‘Can I help you with anything?’ You don’t need to have the answer for complex questions straight away, but what this allows you to do is gain their contact details so you can answer them ASAP. This type of widget can help you increase conversions from 3%-5%. Once you have contact with them you are able to build rapport and further close the sale. Here are some statistics that will summarise the opportunity at hand:

  • When you talk with a new user on your site, they are 3x more likely to return than a user that wasn’t engaged.
  • Chatting decreases the rate of abandoned shopping carts by 15% when operators can see the dollar value in a user’s shopping cart.
  • Users you chat to spend 40% more time on your site

It’s a great idea to implement and work on these conversion optimisation tips as often as you can. Consistently testing and adjusting your marketing strategy as you go can only help to find the optimum results for the best return on investment.

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