Will these Facebook Updates Affect Your Business?

Take a step back in time for a moment. Do you remember the days when ‘timelines’ were seen as a scary new venture? It’s amazing how much Facebook has evolved over the years – including in 2016 alone! Today, we’ll run through one of the biggest updates from 2016, and discuss what it means for advertisers and Facebook Business users.

#1 – Changes to reach

This was a pretty major update, and one that a lot of businesses weren’t happy with. For large companies or those who can afford it, paid advertising has always been a handy solution to ‘declining post reaches.’ However, earlier this year Facebook rolled out an update to prioritise posts from friends and family, as opposed to those from media websites and companies. While this was great for people wanting to see more from their friends, it was a devastating blow to companies and publishers.

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5 Ways to Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook Business Page!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost a decade since Facebook made its transition from a strictly social network to a business platform.

Since introducing their Business Pages in 2007, followed by the option for users to ‘become a fan’ in 2009, brands have flocked to the site in droves. This was a significant step in Facebook’s journey, and brands are now more willing than ever to invest heavily in their advertising and social networking in order to grow their ‘fan’ base.

Every year a diverse range of businesses find success on the platform; from reality stars and bloggers, to retail giants and small to medium enterprises in every industry you could think of. However, that said, there is a knack to creating a successful online presence – after all, not just anyone can amass a following of thousands of loyal followers!

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Why Facebook is the King of Social Media!

Did you know that in today’s day and age, the average internet user has approximately 5.54 social media accounts (Global Web Index)? However, even with so many social media platforms now available for our personal and networking needs, it seems that Facebook remains King.

Once a humble college-community platform, Facebook has since evolved into a mega billion dollar company (in 2016, Zuckerberg’s net worth rose to $56.7 billion!) used not only by friends – but also brands. According to statistics, more than 2 million advertisers use Facebook globally for their business needs!

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Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook is at it again! Ceremoniously coveting our eyes to itself via Facebook Messenger. When Facebook originally launched, it sneakily siphoned masses of traffic away from social sites Bebo, HI5 and MySpace, leading to their online demise. Now with the Messenger App and website, it’s starting to impinge on the SMS function that we all collectively use over 350 billion times a month and 15% of these are advertisements, as cited from GrabStats.com.

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Spread Social Cheer!

As with other online marketing techniques, and in the lead up to the end of the year, Social Media traffic starts to gain even more momentum. This is the time to capitalise on all of this traffic and build your online community. It’s time to get inventive, get viral, and spread the social cheer!

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