Why Landing Pages Are Like Toothpaste – Keep Your Advertising Minty Fresh

dental brush and tube with paste.

When was the last time you bought toothpaste? There are so many different types such as ‘Optic White’, ‘Sugar Acid Neutraliser’, ‘Sensitive Pro Relief’, ‘Max White’ and, ‘Total’. Personally, I have always found this funny. If they’re all around the same price then why not get ‘Total’? It boasts to cover all bases in just one toothpaste. Who thinks to themselves, “I want teeth whitening but I couldn’t care less about cavity protection,”? We all know the benefits of dental care and we all know that every aspect is important, so why are there so many options? Why not just ‘Total’?

This is actually a fantastic form of advertising that has existed for a long time in our retail stores. Not only does the brand dominate the shelf at the supermarket but it plays to the consumers need for choice. Each consumer will value certain qualities over others and, in many cases, consumers only feel as though they’ve made the right choice if they have others to reject.

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