How To Write A Homepage Headline

The first thing that a potential consumer looks at before even considering your company’s services is your headline. It’s the 6 to 12 words that are standing between you, and a higher click through rate or even a higher conversion rate. Your homepage headline is the first piece of text that your visitor sees and it’s arguably the most important. Today, we’ve got some quick tips to help you write a homepage headline that’ll draw visitors to your homepage and keep them around.

Write It Last

It goes without saying that your first idea is probably not your best. Don’t stress yourself out by creating a headline first and having to stick to it throughout the rest of the process. Start by creating a draft headline, one that only you can see. Use it as a guideline of how you want the rest of the content to go and once you’ve completed, go back and adjust it. ‘Good things, take time,’ so don’t rush it. Once you have finished writing your content, walk away, get a coffee and take your time to think.

Write A Homepage Headline

Steer Clear Of Generic

We all see past the generic descriptors like ‘best,’ ‘amazing,’ and ‘go-to’ – It’s time to get creative and work on something new. Keep it simple, informative and give them an incentive to continue to look around. A common mistake is that we think our readers know exactly what we are talking about from the very beginning. Hot tip: they don’t.

Avoid phrasing such as ‘we’ and ‘us’, make the moment about them – the consumer. The more eye-catching and interesting, the more chance you’ll have in getting them to stick around a little longer.

Write A Homepage Headline

Make ‘Em Laugh

The concept of humour is often overlooked when in fact, it is a universal marketing tool. There’s nothing more eye-catching than a quirky and humorous headline. Make them chuckle and get their attention with puns or funny anecdotes. Humour is more than likely to grasp the attention of consumers over something that is dull and boring. A laugh really does leave a lasting impression.

Write A Homepage Headline

The key to a killer headline is originality. Let it reflect your brand and the direction in that you wish to take it. Not getting any leads the first time around? Keep trying! They will come.

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