Google Algorithm Predictions for 2016

Looking into the future of Google

Man with binocularIn 2015 we saw another major Google algorithm update. Affectionately known as ‘Mobilegeddon’, the update is focused on achieving better search results for mobile device users.  This has made the mobile user experience more reliable by showing search results of mobile optimised websites.

Google announced the change in February 2015 with the release date of the 21st of April.  This was the first time ever that Google had openly promoted an algorithm update which had very little effect on which websites are shown in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) as predicted by Adam Conroy, SEO Manager at SponsoredLinX. This could potentially have been a scare tactic by Google to encourage people to have mobile responsive websites due to the growing volume of searches made on mobile devices and ensuring your website looks appealing on a mobile device.

The goal of Google’s algorithms is to find the best result to a user’s search and providing a stress free user experience. In 2016 this goal will not differ regardless of what the new algorithm may be.  However, there is a lot of speculation around what might be in store for the next algorithm change.

One website blogger Wendy Johnson of believes that Google’s algorithm will introduce more fact checking.  This is not a new idea and has been openly discussed by Google and SEO forums for several years. Evidence shows that fact checking is already part of Google’s algorithm but may not have a huge emphasis on search results. To prove this, a test was done by using 1,000 different search terms.  Of the results Wikipedia was on the first page of Google 99% of the time and showing in the first position 56% of the time. This shows that Google has a high trust in Wikipedia’s website, the information it provides and the evidence it shows to back up its facts. But the big question is what does this mean for you as a business owner? If you have quality, well written content on your website that discusses the history of your business as well as your products and services then you have begun the process of future proofing your website rankings if this new algorithm comes to pass.

Another theory from Huyen Truong of is that voice searches via mobile devices will be shaping the future of SEO. This is related to the ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm and ensuring your website is mobile optimised. Although mobile voice searches are becoming more popular, it is unlikely that a search result will differ to that of a typed search. However, when searching via voice we tend to speak in full sentences or questions such as, “find a tyre shop in Brisbane,” opposed to typing ‘tyre shop Brisbane’. This is one more reason to ensure your website has well written quality content for those styles of searches.

It’s also possible that Google will start looking to see content updated on a regular basis such as a monthly blog, and that during a cache Google will completely ignore any content over 12 months old. This is a good theory but at this point in time it is impossible for Google to tell when content was or wasn’t implemented.  However, if this is the case then qualified content writers will be a must for any business to ensure you always have quality content.

This shows that although there will definitely be algorithm changes in 2016 as there has been every year since Google was first established, it is not possible to find out what the change will be until it happens. However, there are things we can do to future proof your website such as creating quality and educational content pages, ensuring Google has no problems caching your website, conversion optimise your website to bring in more leads and making your site visually appealing. What we do know is that creating a user-friendly website experience and creating authentic and genuine content will always be paramount, regardless of what device a search is made on.  Want to learn more about Google Search and how organic rankings can help your business? Get in touch with the expert team at SponsoredLinX today on 1300 859 600.