A How To: Online Review Management

In today’s digital age, businesses that make the most of automation and new tech are those that stick around. This includes creating a system to encourage, filter and manage online service and product reviews.

Word of mouth is still very powerful when it comes to customer attraction, for many, however, it’s not enough. Reviews from an increasingly tech aware and vocal consumer base are taken as gospel by some.

Today, we’ll discuss online review management!

So, Why Do Reviews Matter So Much?

You’re against competitors all fighting for the attention of customers. Whether you operate as a B2B, high street shop or as a labourer. Anyone online is shown adverts. It should be a priority to get their focus on your business.

We find ourselves in a world where everyone has an opinion, and are more than happy to share that opinion a dozen different ways. Hence the power of reviews. For businesses selling products, for tech companies selling apps, or those operating as e-commerce sites—there’s a link to a reviews page. Almost all have a 1-10 review system or 1-5 stars next to their product or service within a catalogue. People filter items by review almost more than they do by price.

Online Review Management

Review Websites: Friend And Foe

Companies that offer services like hotels, restaurants and others in the same niche look to rating websites to help spread the word about their offerings. Sites like Zomato, TripAdvisor and Product Review are a must for any business to subscribe to.

Visitors to these sites are under the impression that these websites contain reputable and honest businesses. Having a strong presence within sites like these is a great way to give your business extra exposure. And (hopefully) show off all the good you do.

Online Review Management

Putting On A Brave Face  

Most, if not all businesses will have a customer giving them one star, it’s almost expected. You can’t please all the people all the time. In the years before online reviews, an upset customer was dealt with over the phone, you worked out the issue and that was that.

Nowadays, one bad meal, one leaky pipe, and you’re lambasted for the world to see. Today, you need to respond to the negative review almost immediately after it’s posted. It’s vital you show this upset customer and all those that are reading that you care about the needs of your clientele.

To do this correctly you need to establish a system. To monitor all the sites and social media platforms your business is reviewed on. If a site does not have a notification feature, then set a calendar reminder daily (if needs be) to check in and keep an eye on developing or new reviews. This can be assigned to a set person within your business.

Taking The Right Steps

Once a review with a question or a negative theme has been posted, you should go in prepared to communicate your understanding (and if necessary sympathy) for their concerns. Ensure them you’re investigating what went wrong, and promise this won’t happen again in the future.

Now, one can never guarantee anything, especially in a service related business.This is not the point, however. The point is ensuring this customer it won’t happen again to them.

Online Review Management

The single biggest advantage of online reviews is the ability you have to market and show off your positive reviews. Poor consumer experiences can harm your reputation to no end though!

If it’s going well though, adding good feedback to your marketing materials, including emails and social media posts helps set your business apart from others in your sector. Making use of review sites that people trust only adds to the positive image you’re trying to project.

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