Getting Google Ads Approved – The Fast Track

Getting your Google ads approved can often feel like a tough and daunting process. With such a large amount of users utilising their platform, Google is consistently processing millions of advertising requests which may leave you wondering how to nail that content to save time waiting for approval on your ad. Trying to perfect an ad on your first attempt can be a challenging task, however, we have a few tips that may help your Google ad ride the fast track to complete compliance.

Let’s Review The Process

The ad approval process is automatically triggered once you’ve hit that save button. No matter if you edit an existing ad or start from scratch, each change will go through the review process. Now, you may be questioning what exactly they look for and how long it will take. With millions of incoming requests daily, it’s difficult to give you an exact answer on the length of the process, though Google themselves estimate that they will mark your ad as eligible within one business day. This does not mean that your ad has been approved, however, you are able to run your ad on specific pages during the review process.

Getting Google Ads Approved

Restrictions And Prohibitions

Adhering to each policy for advertising on Google AdWords can become quite exhausting as they examine a comprehensive list of critical factors. The biggest hiccup one can face is getting that ‘Disapproved’ status on an ad you’re trying to run which comes from violating a policy. To help you avoid this and jump into the fast lane for approval, we’ve got a few of the major deal breakers (you can find the complete list here).

It is prohibited to attempt to promote or sell counterfeit goods. They also do not condone any inappropriate content that may promote violence, discrimination or hatred of any kind. They forbid the selling of dangerous goods and services such as weapons, fireworks, drugs and explosives. Google AdWords also has restrictions and limitations on the advertisement of particular industries such as adult content, political content, and alcohol and gambling. It is also prohibited that any advertiser abuse the ad network by collecting and selling data and using cloaking software to hide the destination of the landing page.

Getting Google Ads Approved

Getting The Stamp Of Approval

Google earns the majority of their revenue through advertisers on AdWords, so it makes sense that they’d be strict on what makes its way through to the world wide web. The main thing to remember when trying to receive approval is that Google wants to give their searchers the best user experience possible. Working on a submission timeline basis (meaning first come first served), Google delves into the specifics of your headline, description, keywords and landing page to ensure everything is relevant, not controversial, and is entirely authentic and not a scam. As long as your ad looks professional in appearance and language, has a display URL that matches the landing page (and for that matter, a relevant landing page), you should be on the fast track to getting your Google ads approved.

Getting Google Ads Approved


It can be a frustrating process to get so close to having a successful and active ad, only to have that red ‘disapproved’ message pop up to ruin your day. By checking your ads periodically and constantly reviewing the content you have submitted, you will quickly pick up and learn what Google will and will not accept on their platform. Additionally, following these detailed yet simple rules can have your Google ads approved in just one submission request.