AdWords VS SEO – Which Comes First In Your Marketing Strategy? (Part 2)

Last week, as part of our AdWords VS SEO series, we spoke about the importance of combining the power of these two methods in your digital marketing strategy. While you’re likely now aware of the importance of utilising both AdWords and SEO together, an important question still remains: which one should you implement first?

Speaking personally, I would suggest you begin with AdWords as your first step, and then follow up with SEO as an addition to your digital marketing formula. The reason I suggest this, is that while Google AdWords work quickly and allow for frequent tweaking and strategy changes, SEO is a slow moving process that gradually builds momentum. In this scenario, your goal is to combine the speed and flexibility of AdWords with the power and gradual momentum of SEO.

Sure, your AdWords campaign will still cost you per click, but if done correctly, you’ll be rewarded by a significant profit. Likewise, while your SEO may be slow, thanks to your correct use of the pay per click ads you’ll know for sure it’s moving in the right direction and continuing to build a positive online reputation for your brand. As you’re most likely aware, the majority of word-of-mouth referrals are now made online, and unfortunately, if your reputation isn’t great, there’s a good chance your customers may be scared off before they even have a chance to contact you! Fortunately however, combining expert AdWords and SEO strategies can help with this by giving you back control over the situation. Essentially, if your online channels are managed properly, you can regain control by creating positive content (which, with the right strategies, Google will favour).

AdWords & SEO


The Next Step

So, with that said, what happens when you’re finally happy with the position of your AdWords campaigns, and the positions you’ve achieved organically through SEO—does this mean that you halt everything? The answer is: not at all! Primarily, because it took a lot of work to get to this point, and just as much work is needed to keep you there!

The goal is to generate as many leads as you can while keeping costs efficient, and taking up as much room as you can on that first Search Engine Results Page. 

While it is true that AdWords and SEO are definitely two separate digital marketing methods, it is best to look at them as opposite sides of the same coin; or alternatively, Yin and Yang. Because just as these ancient Taoist symbols represent a balance of all things, the same mindset must be applied with your digital marketing campaigns.

The results are clear—AdWords and SEO aren’t a couple you’ll want to break-up anytime soon!

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